Morning Ebrief
December 20, 2016


Center for American Progress Gets Risk Sharing Wrong
Preston Cooper, Forbes

Identifying and mitigating sources of risk is a critical task for any lender. That is true whether the lender is your local bank or the U.S. Department of Education. When the government lends to college students, it is not guaranteed to get all of its money back with interest, as borrowers may default or become severely delinquent on their loans. This danger is especially pertinent to student loans, which are unsecured by borrower assets. Read more here.


Should Cabinet nominees be critical of their own agencies?

YES  Cabinet Picks Should Fight Bureaucracies – David French, NRO
NO  What Trump’s Cabinet Picks Tell Us – Randi Weingarten, HuffPost


Maryland May Force Out Uber and Lyft
Jared Meyer, Spectator
Doomed to Stagnate? (subs.)
Bret Stephens, Wall Street Journal
Untangling the De Blasio Administration’s Mess
Seth Barron, New York Post

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