Morning Ebrief
April 19, 2017


Where Your Taxes Will Go in 2017
Brian Riedl, Fox News

This year, Washington will spend a near-record $31,154 per household and collect $26,761 per household in taxes. The resulting budget deficit of $4,393 per household will bring the total national debt to $160,000 per household – all dumped in the laps of our children.

Federal spending has surged more than $7,000 per household since 2000, and is projected to expand another $6,000 to $9,000 per household over the next decade (all numbers in this article are adjusted for inflation). Unless spending is reined in, similar tax increases must eventually result. Read more here....


Should Dodd-Frank reform begin with the CFPB?

YES  Dodd-Frank Needs Reform – James Setterlund, Forbes
NO  Dodd-Frank Regulatory Overreaction – Peter Ferrara, Washington Examiner


Thanks for My Solar Subsidies (subs.)
Robert Bryce, Wall Street Journal
‘Blame Deregulation’ and Other Fallacies
Megan McArdle, Bloomberg View
Colorado Ballot Measure Shows How Not to Design a Sales Tax
Jared Walczak, Tax Foundation
France’s Turmoil Makes Brexit Seem Tame
Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post

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