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November 12, 2018


We Should All Want Collective Bargaining That Works
Oren Cass, E21

Early in season 1 of Friends, Rachel Green brandishes her first-ever paycheck to the gang, rips open the envelope, and then puzzles, “Who’s FICA? Why’s he getting all my money?” If only she knew the half of it. For every dollar deducted from her check by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (which collects the “payroll taxes” for Social Security and Medicare), her boss at the coffee shop had to pay one to the government as well. Read more here....


Is single-payer health care an effective system?

YES  Medicare for All Will Reduce Cost, Improve Quality – Richard Sutphen, Florida Times-Union
NO  The Fallacy of Single-Payer Health Care – Chris Pope & John Stossel, City Journal


Drug Price Controls Will Be More Pain Than Gain
Robert Atkinson, The Hill
Renewable Mandates and Carbon Taxes Lose Big
Robert Bryce, National Review
Why a Great U.S. Economy Doesn’t Feel So Great
Noah Smith, Bloomberg
Japan’s Never-Ending Social Security Reform
James Capretta, RealClearPolicy
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