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February 14, 2018


Uncle Sam's Love-Hate Relationship with Valentine's Day
Charles Hughes, E21

Valentine's Day is marked by displays of love and affection, but the holiday's relationship with U.S. policies could be described as love-hate.

On Valentine's Day people across the country are looking for gifts for their loved ones. Unfortunately for these Americans swept up in the spirit of the holiday, sugar subsidies raise candy prices and introduce other economic distortions. At the same time, trade agreements with other countries have reduced tariffs and lowered prices for roses, making them available and affordable. Read more here...


Does President Trump's infrastructure plan live up to his promises? 
YES  Assessing the Trump Infrastructure Plan- Aaron Renn, City Journal
NO  Trump Doesn't Give a Dam- Paul Krugman, New York Times


No Racial Quotas in Special Education (subs.)
Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal
President Trump's Proposed Higher Education Budget (Round 2)
Preston Cooper, Forbes
Republicans Need a Nudge to Lower Health Care Costs
Lanhee Chen & James Capretta, New York Times
Merit-Based Migration And Border Security Are Key to Fixing Immigration Crisis
Nelson Balido, The Hill 
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