Morning Ebrief
January 3, 2017


UK Must Go Full Steam Ahead with Brexit
Diana Furchtgott-Roth, MarketWatch

Early in 2017 U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to lay out plans for the nation’s departure from the European Union. Although leaving is not an easy process, when completed it will lead to more efficient regulation, higher GDP growth, and closer trade relationships with other countries, including the United States. Steve Baker, Conservative Member of Parliament from High Wycombe and a leader of a group of pro-Brexit MPs, told me, “I’m excited to discover the possibility of the USA and U.K. catalyzing a new platform agreement for trade which works for everyone by promoting free and fair competition while defending against predatory practices. The opportunities are immense.” Read more here.


Should Republicans undo Obama’s designation of new national monuments?

YES  Reversing Obama’s Last Minute Land Grab – Alexandra DeSanctis, NRO
NO  Obama Adds to Environmental Legacy – Eilperin & Dennis, WaPo


Fight for $15: Coming to a City Hall Near You (subs.)
Michael Saltsman, Wall Street Journal
For Public Pensions, the Future Is Now
Eileen Norcross, RealClearPolicy
Three Technologies For the Next Decade
Ronald Bailey, Reason

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