Morning Ebrief
December 22, 2016


What is Next for Health Care Spending in the US?
Liu, Rettenmaier & Saving, E21

President-elect Trump has promised to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). He outlined broad reform principles during the campaign, but has offered few specifics on the replacement of the new insurance provided under the ACA. The election hype diverted attention from recent news that premiums for insurance sold on the exchanges are rising, options have declined, and that health care spending is again rising faster than the rest of the economy. The big question is: If the ACA is repealed, how will its replacement be constructed? Read more here...


Are the markets wrong to be optimistic about Trump?

YES  Are Markets Misreading Trumponomics? –  Paul Krugman, CUNY
NO  Krugman’s Extraordinary Paper on Trumponomics – Tim Worstall, Forbes


Passion, Persuasion and Serendipity in Innovation
Robert Graboyes, InsideSources
An Opportunity to Keep Lawsuit Abuse at Bay
James Copland, Morning Consult
The Foolish Reason the Federal Government Is Storing a Mountain of Cheese
Evan Smith, Opportunity Lives
Export-Friendly U.S. Tax Revamp Risks Cool Reception at WTO (subs.)
Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal

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