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June 13, 2018


SNAP Out of It: Get Food Stamps Out of the Farm Bill
Stephen Vukovits, E21

Prospects of passing a new farm bill took a tumble last month when the Agriculture and Nutrition Act of 2018 was voted down 213 to 198 in the House. All signs point to yet another extension of the status quo rather than meaningful reform for the federal agriculture and food stamp programs.

The setback angered both sides, as Democrats denounced stricter work requirements for food stamp recipients and some Republicans expressed dismay that subsidy reform was ignored after bipartisan amendments to rein in crop payment programs were discarded without a vote. Read more here....


Does public health spending help the economy?

YES  Why Arenít We Spending More on Public Health? – Aaron Carroll & Austin Frakt, New York Times
NO  Health Spending Pushed 55 Million Indians Into Poverty – Rema Nagarajan, Times of India


The Attack on Education Excellence (subs.)
Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal
Honoluluís Cap on Surge Pricing Is a Terrible Idea
Andrew Wilford, American Spectator
Trumpís Piggy Bank Analogy Is Backwards
Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Seattle Wants to Repeal Controversial Amazon Tax
Christian Britschgi, Reason
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