Morning Ebrief
January 5, 2017


Message to Congress: Sharpen the Fed’s Mandate
Peter Ireland, E21

President-Elect Donald Trump can have an immediate effect on U.S. monetary policy by nominating two candidates to fill vacancies on the Federal Reserve Board.  Within our system of checks of balances, however, it is members of Congress, not the President, who make the laws.  Regardless of whom President Trump chooses to fill the vacant Board seats, our legislators can pave the way for significant and lasting improvements to monetary policymaking strategy.  They can do this by giving the Fed a single mandate: to stabilize prices in the long run. Read more here...


Should CEO pay be reduced?

YES  Welcome to ‘Fat Cat Wednesday’— Wanda Wyporska, The Independent
NO  There’s a Reason CEOs Get Paid a Lot – Tim Worstall, Forbes


The Anti-Pipeline Anti-Environmentalists
Robert Bryce, Investors Business Daily
Tom Sowell, a Fearless Contrarian, Puts Down the Pen (subs.)
Jason Riley, Wall Street Journal
Innovations, Obstacles and the 21st-Century Cures Act
Robert Graboyes, InsideSources
Data Builds a Compelling Case for Curriculum
Charles Sahm, U.S. News & World Report

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