Morning Ebrief
December 13, 2016


Rising Interest Rates Will Explode Student Loan Costs
Preston Cooper, Forbes

In the weeks since Donald Trump’s surprise presidential election victory, investors have anticipated higher interest rates. Yields on a ten-year Treasury note have risen further in the five weeks since the election than they did in the preceding four months, and stood at 2.5% at the end of the day on Monday, up from 1.8% on the eve of the election. Following the trend, this week’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting may also signal the beginning of monetary tightening after nearly a decade of easy-money policies. All in all, it is a fair bet that interest rates will rise significantly over the next few years. Read more here.


Will manufacturing jobs return?

YES  Manufacturing’s Greatest Days Lie Ahead – Perry & Hemphill, US News
NO  Economists Doubt U.S. Can Regain Factory Jobs (subs.) – Josh Zumbrun, WSJ


Don’t Judge a School By Its Building
Max Eden, The 74
The Greatness of the Puzder Choice
Amity Shlaes, Forbes
In Support of Obamacare “Repeal and Delay”
Avik Roy, National Review
Ten Steps to Secure Our Fiscal Future
Mike Murphy, RealClearPolicy
Just Cutting Pentagon Waste Doesn’t Cut It
Robert Samuelson, Washington Post

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