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August 10, 2018


The Market Is “Banning the Box”
Aaron Renn, City Journal

The American economic expansion is finally accomplishing one of the country’s most needed social improvements: getting the long-term unemployed reattached to the labor market. Income inequality gets much of the press today, but as Harvard economist and Manhattan Institute senior fellow Ed Glaeser points out, long-term joblessness is the more serious problem. The unemployed face a heightened risk of serious ills ranging from physical maladies and mental health problems to divorce. Read more here....


Has President Trump improved the economy?

YES  Trump’s Tax Wisdom (subs.) – James Freeman, Wall Street Journal
NO  Trump Threatens Gains with Trade War – Jennifer Calfas, Money


FDA Support for ‘Biosimilars’ Will Reduce Drug Costs
Juliana Reed, RealClearHealth
Ten Years After the Recession
Frank Rich, Sheila Bair, et al., New York Magazine
Albertson’s and Rite Aid No Dream Team
Sarah Halzack & Max Nisen, Bloomberg
Back to School Choice
J.D. Tuccille, Reason
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