Morning Ebrief
November 15, 2019


The Inspiring Alternative to College-for-All
Kay Hymowitz, City Journal

Since the mid-twentieth century, the mantra of government education policy has been “college for all.” Believers couch their support in terms of the “college premium,” the wage boost that comes with a four-year degree, and the need to train young people for the “jobs of the future.” But there’s a hint of nostalgia in the refrain, since it evokes a time when America was able to vault regular farmhands and factory workers into the white-collar middle class with a fix as simple as a GI Bill. As others have noticed, it’s a policy that no longer deserves its good reputation. Read more here.... (Photo: Courtesy of Williamson College of the Trades)


Does American Capitalism Need to Do More for Workers?

YES  The Case for Common-Good Capitalism – Marco Rubio, National Review
NO  Rubio’s Bizarre Turn Against Capitalism – David Harsanyi, National Review


Trump’s Economy Working for Minority Workers
Karl Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Mythology of Big Tech
Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
2019 at the Front End of a Long-Term Fiscal Problem
James Capretta, RealClearPolicy
Deindustrialization Isn’t Just a Working-Class Problem
Anuska Jain & Samuel Hammond, The Bulwark
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