Morning Ebrief
July 11, 2018


Growth, Not Tariffs, Will Fix our Trade Deficits
Jorge González-Gallarza, E21

President Trump yesterday pledged 10 percent tariffs on another $200 billion of Chinese imports. But economic growth is already eating away at the very trade deficit he’s seeking to ax with these tariffs. Trade data for May, when adjusted for seasonal variation, show that the trade deficit was down $3 billion from April—from $46.1 billion to $43.1 billion.


Should President Trump challenge drugmakers’ pricing?

YES  Pfizer Buckles Under Trump’s Pressure – Damian Paletta, Washington Post
NO  POTUS Attacks Symptom, Not Disease – Robert Goldberg, The Hill


End Double Taxation of US Citizens Abroad
Ross Marchand, E21
The Court Tosses Blue States a Life Jacket (subs.)
Arthur Laffer and Steve Moore, Wall Street Journal
Immigration Will Keep the Economy Growing
Conor Sen, Bloomberg View
The Facts on Employment
Lawrence Lindsey, National Review
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