Morning Ebrief
December 14, 2016


EPA Can Be Tamed
William O’Keefe, E21

President-elect Trump’s selection of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to be the next EPA Administrator has the left in a tizzy and the right engaging in excessive exuberance. In all likelihood, he will not be as bad as the left fears or the dragon slayer that the right is expecting. EPA is a bureaucracy of about 15,000 employees, most of who are there because they are environmentalists. Bureaucrats routinely get criticized for being bureaucratic, which means they can excel in following rules and being able to grind progress to a halt when that suits their agenda. Read more here.


Would Obamacare repeal be disastrous?

YES  Partial Repeal Would Leave More Uninsured – Daniel Chang, Miami Herald
NO  The Problem With the Doomsday Obamacare Study – Joel Zinberg, InsideSources


At Last, Fed’s Words Will Mean Something
Caroline Baum, MarketWatch
Betsy DeVos Must Master Art of Persuasion
Max Eden, Washington Examiner
How Trump Can Cut Red Tape
Philip Howard, Washington Post
Court Strikes Down Another Unlawful Rule
Trey Kovacs, CEI

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