Morning Ebrief
March 10, 2017


Entitlements Driving Washington to Trillion-Dollar Deficits
Brian Riedl, E21

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently released the “The Budget and Economic Outlook: 2017 to 2027.” This annual report provides the federal government’s most comprehensive analysis of the current state of federal spending, taxes, and debt. It also provides a framework within which to analyze the President’s budget proposal and upcoming Congressional legislation. The news is not good. Read more here...


Is it worse to be poor in America than elsewhere?

YES  Poor in Bangladesh or the Mississippi Delta? –  Annie Lowrey, The Atlantic
NO  Angus Deaton Misses the Mark on American Poverty – Tim Worstall, Forbes


U.S. Jobs and Wages Show Solid Gains in Trump’s First Month
Patricia Laya, Bloomberg
GOP Hard-Liners’ Obamacare Incoherence
Avik Roy, Washington Post
The Real Cause of Coal’s Collapse
Mark Perry, US News & World Report
Large Metros Monopolize Job Growth
Justin Fox, Bloomberg View

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