Morning Ebrief
December 15, 2016


Emma’s Torch Lights the Way for New Immigrants
Dillon Tauzin, E21

A new non-profit in New York City called Emma’s Torch is lighting the way for refugees to become chefs in the United States.

Emma’s Torch works with groups like the International Rescue Committee and Church World Service to identify refugees and asylees. The organization then provides them with culinary training and job placement services. Founder Kerry Brodie is building partnerships with restaurants in New York, creating an employment pipeline to connect those restaurants and her students. Read more here...


Will President-elect Trump benefit from higher interest rates?

YES  Why the Fed’s Interest Rate Hike Will Help Trump – Peter Morici, Fox News
NO  Why Fed’s Rate Hike Will Spoil GOP’s Big Plans – Daniel Gross, Slate


Democracies in Upheaval
David Malpass, Forbes
At Long Last, the Fed Faces Reality (subs.)
Gerald O’Driscoll, Wall Street Journal
3D Printing Transplantable Organs
Robert Graboyes, InsideSources
College Towns Have Had Their Fun
Conor Sen, Bloomberg View

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