Morning Ebrief
December 6, 2017


Don't Restrict Chain Migration
Emily Top, E21

Congress has until Friday to vote to extend funding to the government through next September. Democrats want the budget proposal to address the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), but some Republicans will only include DACA reform in exchange for chain migration reform. If immigration reform is the price to pay for funding government, Congress needs to decide on a sensible immigration policy. Read more here... 


Will Republicans fund tax cuts with reduced entitlement spending? 

YES  Will Republicans Cut Social Security and Medicare to Pay for Their Tax Plan? - Nicole Goodkind, Newsweek
NO  Tax Cuts, Entitlements, and Lousy Journalism - Ramesh Ponnuru, National Review


Obamacare's Medical Standards Are Harming Our Medical System
Terrence Leveck, City Journal
Senate Tax Bill Favors the Middle Class, Not the Rich
Chris Edwards, National Review
Sports Betting Should Be Legal, But It's Bad Tax Policy
Adam Millsap, Forbes
Amazon Should Build Where Workers Are Set for Digital Economy
Zoë Baird & Douglas Holtz Eakin, The Hill 
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