Morning Ebrief
December 12, 2016


Detroit Taxpayers Lose Again
Allie Howell, E21

The Detroit Pistons have recently announced plans to leave its arena in Auburn Hills and relocate to Little Caesars Arena 30 miles away in downtown Detroit. This move has been hailed as a glorious homecoming, symbolizing the revitalization of a city long in decline. The tradeoffs, however, are significant. The Pistons will be leaving behind an arena that is fully paid for, conveniently located, well maintained, and distinguished for its superior design. In return, the team will share an arena with the Detroit Redwings and must construct new practice facilities. Read more here.


Did charter schools improve Michigan’s school system?

YES  Michigan Charters Get High Marks – Preston Cooper, E21
NO  DeVos’ Experiment Gets Poor Grades – Emma, Wermund, & Hefling, Politico


Why Are Fewer Adults Surpassing Parents’ Incomes?
Scott Winship, FREOPP
Fast Action on Debt Could Save Trillions
Larry Kudlow, New York Sun
What 1980 and 2016 Have In Common (subs.)
Michael Solon, Wall Street Journal
Pruitt & Puzder: Brilliant Nominees
Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner

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