Morning Ebrief
April 16, 2018


DC's Gift to Uber and Lyft
Charles Hughes, E21

Some policymakers are increasingly concerned about the concentration of power in a small number of companies, leading to calls for more expansive antitrust policy or stricter regulations across a range of industries. However, government policies create barriers to entry that lead to the market concentration that fuels their consternation. The most recent example is in Washington D.C., where Mayor Bowser's office recently said that ride-hailing company Via had 90 days to broaden its coverage areas to comply with a District law. Read more here....


Does China's economic success help America?

YES  As China Grows, So Will American Wealth - John Tamny, Forbes
NO  China's Faux Comparative Advantage(subs.)- Peter Navarro, Wall Street Journal


Wise Up About America's Deficits
Veronique de Rugy, Reason

Neither Party Has a Plan for the Debt Crisis
Robert Samuelson, Washington Post

Criminal Justice and Occupational Licensing Reforms Go Together
Shoshana Weissmann & Nila Bala, The Hill

Post Office Needs Reform
Joe Nocera, Bloomberg View

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