Morning Ebrief
August 11, 2017


Curing America's Expensive Drugs
Charles Henderson, E21

The United States spent $457 billion dollars on prescription drugs in 2015, nearly 17 percent of total healthcare spending. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates this figure will grow to $535 billion by 2018.

Bringing a new drug to the market is notoriously expensive due to research and development, time opportunity costs, and jumping through hoops for FDA approval. Read more here....


Should America have an individual health insurance mandate?

YES  Premiums Set to Rise, Thanks to Policy Uncertainty - Margot Sanger-Katz, New York Times
NO  Kill the Mandate - Chris Pope, U.S. News & World Report


Uncle Sam Loses Millions to Improper Payments
Dustin Siggins, E21

Columbia University Gouges Journalism Students
Preston Cooper, Forbes

Obamacare Uninsuring the Insured
Doug Badger, National Review

Feel-Good Ideas That Need Examination
Catherine Rampell, Washington Post

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