Morning Ebrief
January 12, 2018


You Can Be for Lower Taxes and Smaller Deficits
Charles Blahous, E21

One needn't support the recently-enacted tax legislation to be disturbed by the tenor of much criticism of it.  Many opponents, and indeed some press reporting, took for granted that if one voted for a significant tax cut after having expressed longstanding concerns about federal deficits, one must be an irredeemable hypocrite.  But lower taxes and smaller deficits can coexist. Read more here....


Are most Medicaid recipients employed?

YES  Millions of Medicaid Recipients Already Work - Tami Luhby, CNN Money
NO  Trump to Let States Pursue Work Requirements - Mark Moore, New York Post


Suing the Industrial Age
Seth Barron, City Journal

Tax Reform Has Released the Bulls (subs.)
Donald Luskin, Wall Street Journal

Wall Goes Up, Dreamers Stay
Hugh Hewitt, Washington Post

University Tax Flunks First Amendment Test
Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View

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