Morning Ebrief
December 19, 2016


The Sullen Leftists
Allan Meltzer, Hoover Institution

Democratic leaders had many explanations for why the Party lost in the 2016 presidential and Congressional elections last month. Some blamed campaign mistakes, like not spending enough time in Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton blamed FBI chair James Comey for reopening her email problems. Certain members of the media blamed those who do not share their views—the people whom Clinton called “deplorables.” Read more here.


Are households saving too much?

YES  Savers Are Killing World Economy – Phillip Inman, Guardian
NO  Saving Isn’t the Problem – Tim Worstall, Forbes


The Conservative Case for Nuclear Energy
Robert Bryce, National Review
Stereotypes Are Poisoning American Politics
William Easterly, Bloomberg View
The Rust Belt Is Right to Blame Obama (subs.)
Clark Judge, Wall Street Journal
Blue States Have Bigger Pension Debts
Jason Willick & Alexander Sholtz, American Interest

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