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The daily commentary section provides insights on complex issues in a brief and digestible format. Here you can find analysis of changing economic conditions and original perspectives on how the economy is affecting policy debates.

'The [Uber] Rates Are Too Damn High'

Jared Meyer | 09/19/2014

Hailo allows people to request taxis via their smartphones, similar to Uber's ridesharing model. Hailo is a small positive step for the besieged taxi industry, but it may be too late to preserve the taxi cartels' undeserved power now that consumers have experienced the immense benefits of ridesharing.


Women, Get Real: Here’s the New Feminists’ Manifesto

Diana Furchtgott-Roth | 09/19/2014

This week marks the launch of Lean Together, a 221-page book that presents an economic agenda for women’s advancement. Hadley Heath Manning, IWF’s director of health policy, said: “The government is telling women that they are not capable of making a wide range of decisions." Stand up, be heard and do things for yourself is the message.



e21 spotlights and directly supports new research that's necessary to develop innovative economic policy solutions for the 21st century. This section highlights in-depth research papers from a range of academics, economists and thinkers across the political spectrum, fostering creative nonpartisan policy solutions to pressing economic concerns.

The Benefits of Natural Gas Exports

Diana Furchtgott-Roth | June 24, 2014

Honorable Members of Congress, you could immediately assist Ukraine and other countries by amending the Natural Gas Act to ensure that the Energy Department approves LNG export applications within a short period of time. 

You could also pass legislation allowing LNG to be exported to all World Trade Organization members, irrespective of whether they have free trade agreements with the United States. You could go still further, and cease to require approval for LNG exports.

Testimony before the Joint Economic Committee: Empowerment in the Workplace

Diana Furchtgott-Roth | June 18, 2014

Employment for women 16 years and older only reached December 2007 levels (68 million) in January of this year. The slow growth of the economy is reducing employment opportunities for men and women alike. In addition, women face particular barriers to employment in their role as secondary workers and as family caregivers. It is important to make sure that labor markets are flexible so that women can have the choice of jobs that they want.

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