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Creator of Chart of Doom Defends Chart Badly and Casts Aspersions

If you are going to accuse someone of cherry-picking data, you want to make sure your case is pretty solid. In particular, you don’t want to criticize them for being anti-empirical when your underlying case is based on an elementary methodological error related to basic math. Like Pavlina Tcherneva has done.

Read more... aspires, famously, to “explain the news” to its non-junkie readers. Matt Yglesias has written a response to my essay on inequality trends that is simply a bad-faith effort to discredit a set of facts he doesn’t like. He is not explaining the news, he is doing the opposite.

A Wake-Up Call for Public Pension Systems

A new study from Moody’s Investors Service, the bond credit rating business, reports that the level of unfunded liabilities for the 25 largest state and local U.S. public pensions is now more than $2 trillion. The gap is more than three times higher than it was just a decade ago.

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I woke up this morning expecting to find the White House website celebrating’s first birthday. When I saw no mention, I checked Rep Nancy Pelosi’s website and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s—again, no mentions. Where is the fanfare? Where are the photo ops?

No, the Rich Are Not Taking All of the Economic Pie (In 8 Charts)

Let’s stipulate that income inequality is at staggering levels in the U.S., and that income concentration at the top has probably risen (probably). But is it true that the rich have “devoured the American economy”, that they have “conquered” it, or that “the rich aren’t just grabbing a bigger slice of the income pie—they’re taking all of it”?

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Northern Virginia is growing, and its transportation infrastructure should grow with it. However, there are better, cheaper alternatives to the $5.7 billion Silver Line, and the savings can be used in many more productive ways. 

'The rates are too damn high'

Hailo allows people to request taxis via their smartphones, similar to Uber's ridesharing model. Hailo is a small positive step for the besieged taxi industry, but it may be too late to preserve the taxi cartels' undeserved power now that consumers have experienced the immense benefits of ridesharing.

Women, get real: Here’s the new feminists’ manifesto

This week marks the launch of Lean Together, a 221-page book that presents an economic agenda for women’s advancement. Hadley Heath Manning, IWF’s director of health policy, said: “The government is telling women that they are not capable of making a wide range of decisions." Stand up, be heard and do things for yourself is the message.

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Many protesters marching near Times Square in New York City yesterday were organized by worker centers, which employ publicists to carefully craft messages and talking points. Fast-food workers are asking for a 100% pay raise. Instead of a spontaneous uprising, the strikes are more about style than substance.

What to Look For In Friday's Unemployment Report

The Fed's actions in September will be influenced by the numbers that come out on Friday. Look behind the headlines, and judge for yourselves.


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