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A Non-Partisan Case For Obamacare Reform

Congressional Republicans and Democrats, as well as President Obama, have an interest in terminating the disincentive effects on employment of the Affordable Care Act. By ending the employer mandate to provide health insurance, employers would be free to hire more full-time employees.

Budget Committee Report Confirms the ACA Worsens the Deficit

A recent Senate Budget Committee (SBC) Republican report about the fiscal effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or so-called “Obamacare”) has stimulated public and press interest. The report concluded that whereas earlier analyses appeared to find the ACA would reduce deficits, updated analysis employing Congressional Budget Office (CBO) methodology finds it is worsening deficits.

CDC Ebola Hospital Ward

Federal agencies clamoring for more funding to fight the Ebola outbreak are taking a page from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s playbook: they are not letting a serious crisis go to waste. 


Though the Affordable Care Act is projected by CBO to cost nearly $1.5 trillion over the coming decade, it is important to keep in mind that the Act’s most serious costs might be found not in its price-tag, but in its labor market effects. 

Omer Wizir/CC

I woke up this morning expecting to find the White House website celebrating’s first birthday. When I saw no mention, I checked Rep Nancy Pelosi’s website and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s—again, no mentions. Where is the fanfare? Where are the photo ops?

Women, get real: Here’s the new feminists’ manifesto

This week marks the launch of Lean Together, a 221-page book that presents an economic agenda for women’s advancement. Hadley Heath Manning, IWF’s director of health policy, said: “The government is telling women that they are not capable of making a wide range of decisions." Stand up, be heard and do things for yourself is the message.

Sorry NYT, the Medicare Cost Problem Remains Unsolved

On August 28 the New York Times published a provocative article entitled “Medicare: Not Such a Budget Buster Anymore.” Its thesis was that Medicare no longer poses the budgetary threat it was projected to just a few years ago. However, the financial problems caused by rising Medicare spending are far from solved. 


A close reading of the Medicare Trustees' report indicates that we shouldn't expect too much moderation in health care spending.

Under Affordable Care Act, Minimum Wage Hike Discourages Work

Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour will leave many full-time workers ineligible for Medicaid. Why do we design welfare programs to discourage work?


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