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CBO's Not the Problem, the ACA Is

CBO cannot measure the exact budgetary effects of such legislation even after the fact; it can only estimate them. The original evaluation of the ACA has been overtaken by events, but no one is the wiser. That is a major public policy problem that transcends any decisions by the CBO.

“Right to Try” Is the Right Step for States

Does the government have the right to tell terminally-ill patients they cannot try treatments that have the potential to save their lives? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says yes, but Arizona’s Goldwater Institute believes denying treatments infringes on the natural right to life.

More Choices for Veterans Mean More Efficiency in Care

Will the Veterans' Affairs Department see reform? Both chambers of Congress have passed bills that would both expand the number of existing VA hospitals and allow some veterans to seek medical care from private hospitals outside the VA system.


A new Manhattan Institute Project FDA report tries to move beyond the “too fast” or “too slow” debate over the FDA’s performance. Lessons learned from the agency’s most efficient divisions can become a model of 21st century regulation—personalized, timely, and patient-centered.


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