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  • It’s Women Who Suffer Most from the Marriage Penalty

    Diana Furchtgott-Roth | 04/18/2014

    No one likes paying taxes. But this year, some of the biggest losers are married working women, who are being discouraged from working by high effective marginal tax rates, both at the bottom and the top end of the income scale.

    Other losers are

  • The Secret Assumptions Behind Federal Budgets

    Charles Blahous | 04/09/2014

    Our national dialogue over federal policy suffers from a huge information gap when it comes to understanding the federal budget. This information gap afflicts not only the general public as well as press, but much of Washington’s policy insider community. From the very start of my eleven years as Senate

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    The Real March Madness: Costly Subsidies for College Hoops

    Jared Meyer, Neil Deininger | 03/26/2014

    The excitement of the NCAA tournament continues this weekend with the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight, but the final four schools in terms of athletic subsidies have already been decided. While all of their teams lost in the second round of the basketball tournament, the universities of

  • The Illusion of Fiscal Responsibility

    e21 | 03/18/2014

    The rhetoric used to promote President Obama’s fiscal year 2015 budget has many believing his proposal is fiscally responsible. His official message to Congress regarding the budget said, “We have cut the deficit in half as a share of the economy, experiencing the fastest period of deficit reduction since the demobilization following World War II.”

  • e21 Asks: Privatizing or Eliminating Government Programs

    e21 | 03/17/2014

    This week, we gave readers four choices of government programs, and asked them to pick one to eliminate or privatize. The Department of Education was the most popular candidate for elimination, garnering 48 percent of the vote. One quarter of voters wished to privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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    Let’s Raise a Glass to Ireland’s Corporate Tax Rate

    e21 | 03/14/2014

    Rather than wearing green ties for St. Patrick's Day, how about we copy Ireland's tax system?

    The top U.S. combined state and federal corporate tax rate is 39 percent—50 percent higher than the OECD average and triple Ireland's rate of 12.5

  • America Trumps OECD in Dividend Taxation

    e21 | 03/13/2014

    New data from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation show America’s average combined state and federal tax rate on personal dividend income is 28.6 percent. Seven states have no dividend income tax at all, but their taxpayers are still subject to the federal government’s 20 percent top tax

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    What the President's Budget Reveals

    James C. Capretta | 03/11/2014

    While not every president's budget is relevant to policymaking, most budgets do say something about the priorities and governing philosophy of the administration putting it together. The Obama administration's fiscal year 2015 budget is no different in

  • e21 Asks: Comprehensive Tax Reform

    e21 | 03/10/2014

    Last week we asked e21 readers whether they supported House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp’s tax reform proposal. Camp’s bill would simplify income tax brackets down to three from seven. It would lower America’s highest-in-the-world corporate tax rate

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    Taxing Carried Interest Discourages Investment

    Diana Furchtgott-Roth | 03/07/2014

    President Obama’s proposal to tax certain returns on investments, known as “carried interest,” as ordinary income would raise taxes on some investment partnerships. It would bring in $14 billion over 10 years to Uncle Sam, but its disincentive effects on investment could be